LED Video Wall Installation and Mounting

When planning your LED video wall installation project you will want to account for the proper mounting solution. Depending on your requirements and your preference or even limitations will impact how you install your new LED Video Wall.

Distinct LED Video Walls can be installed several ways but here are the most common:

  • Floor Standing
  • Suspended
  • Wall Mount

Each mounting option requires different components to accommodate that preference. Our goal is to help you prepare for a quick, easy, professional installation before you get on-site.

LED Video Wall Installation Hanging

Suspended LED Video Wall Installation

Suspending or Hanging your LED Video Wall is very common installation method and easy to do, your new video wall panels will include the option to suspend but you will need hanging bars if you plan to “Fly” them as we say.


Hanging Bars make it easy to get your LED Wall Installation in the air fast. Once your hanging bar is in place you can have your video wall operational quickly, one or two people can easily install a suspended video wall (although we always recommend 2 or more people).

Distinct LED Video Wall Suspended

Floor Standing LED Video Wall Installation

Distinct LED Video Wall Floor Standing

Floor Standing LED Video Wall

LED Video Walls mounted or supported from the floor are very common and a great option when suspending is not an option, your new video wall panels will include the option to be mounted on a mounting bar or using one of our mobile floor carts.


Floor Standing LED Video Walls are a great option for Fixed Installation and Events that have a limited timeframe. When floor supporting you will need to review our options for this to be sure you are prepared appropriately.

LED Video Wall Installation - Wall Mount

Wall Mount LED Video Wall

Wall Mount LED Video Walls are the perfect way to integrate full motion video into a new or existing space with no bezels, frames or color calibration issues like traditional video walls.


Wall Mount LED Video Wall Installations can be flush mounted or simply mounted directly on a wall like a traditional video wall. Unlike video walls made with TV’s we can customize the size and eliminate needless bezels and issues.

LED Video Wall Installation - Wall Mounted

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